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CMI’s Organometallics Group focuses on the synthesis and formulation of specialty inorganic, coordination, and organometallic complexes. These complexes are most commonly utilized in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry as homogeneous catalysts, or as material precursors in the Electronics Industry. Organometallic complexes typically contain a metal center that is bonded to a hydrocarbon fragment. These complexes will also have other ligands coordinated to the metal centers such as halides, alkoxides, amines, nitriles, carbonyls, pyridines, phosphines, cyanides, arenes, alkenes, alkyl groups, isocyanides or thiols. These products are typically synthesized in high purity multi-step processes on a scale from a few grams to upwards of 10 kilograms. In addition to synthetic chemistry capabilities, CMI’s Organometallics Group also provides customer specific services and technical support.

Whether its assistance in identifying the ideal catalyst for an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) application or producing a custom high-purity volatile organometallic for thin film deposition, our Technical Team is available to solve your problem. Our services range from CMI catalog orders to contractual R & D agreements with customer-owned intellectual property. We look forward to hearing how we satisfy your Organometallic needs.

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