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Colonial Metals Inc. is a privately held United States based company incorporated in 1971. We are a full-service global supplier of precious metals and precious metal based chemicals with a comprehensive product line including over 600 products and services. Our product line spans from metal blacks and sponges through the most complex and sensitive of organometallic compounds.

Permeating the company is an attitude driven by the intent of our corporate mission: “To be measurably and demonstrably the best at what we do.” We require customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, quality workmanship and service, and on-time / on-target products. We produce complex chemicals and custom products that meet customer requirements on time, every time.

In short, for every order taken we strive to demonstrate a few of our core values: Integrity, Flexibility, Willingness, Customer focus, and Satisfaction.

CMI is committed to quality as evidenced by our ISO 9001-2000 certification and SOCMA Membership and even more so by our role as a trusted partner / supplier for precious metal and chemicals. We take pride in the level of support CMI is able to offer to clients throughout the catalysis, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and automotive industries and our strong ties to lab supply, academia, and government research.

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