Manufacturing Capabilities and Custom Synthesis

Colonial Metals’ manufacturing capabilities span a wide range of precious metal-based products. Our historic core business includes bulk manufacturing of simple salts, solutions, and powders, available from gram quantities to metric ton scale. These classes of products include:

  • PGM compounds with inorganic anions (e.g. chlorides, nitrates, sulfates)
  • Ammonium salts of PGMs
  • Ammine-based complexes
  • Aqueous, acidic, and ammonia-based PGM solutions
  • Metal powders
  • Metal oxides

Our synthesis capabilities extend to extremely complex metal-organic and organometallic compounds, with over 300 products in our catalog. These products are available from gram to several hundred kilogram scale. These complexes feature a variety of different ligand types including:

  • Acetates
  • Acetylacetonates
  • Alkenes/Dienes
  • Cyclopentadiene derivatives
  • Phosphines
  • Metal-alkyl and –hydride bonds
  • Carbonyls

With an ever-changing landscape and demand for new PGM-based catalysts and compounds, Colonial Metals continues to meet our customer’s needs with our technical expertise in PGM chemistry and custom synthesis projects. Whether it’s developing a solution with a specific parameter, synthesizing a high-purity volatile organometallic compound, or scaling up a custom preparation, our Technical Team is available to assist you. We also offer contractual R&D agreements for customer-owned intellectual property.

We look forward to working with you to meet your PGM product needs.