Colonial Metals, Inc. is a full-service global supplier of precious metal based chemicals and services. By providing over 600 chemical products and services, we meet the demands of a wide range of applications and markets on a daily basis. Beyond the chemistry, CMI has maintained close commercial ties to mines, markets, and other major metals suppliers ensuring a secure supply of metal. With our contracted primary metal supply we offer a variety of metal services including metal sales, pool accounting, and on-site rhenium and ruthenium refining. CMI is focused on platinum group as well as precious metal inorganic and organometallic chemistry. Our focus keeps us out of our customers’ markets and gives us the capacity for technical attention to detail that can make a difference in demanding applications. We focus our packaging services on resolving technical issues related to handling of sensitive or clean products. A growing number of our products are manufactured and packaged to meet the demands of high technology Electronics, Semiconductor, and MEMS sectors.

We take pride in meeting our commitments and providing custom products and packaging as required. We frequently tailor products to meet custom standards and expectations.

As a privately held company with four decades of experience servicing the precious metal chemical market, CMI has experienced a wide variety of commercial circumstances. We are willing to adapt to our client’s commercial needs and have a long history of working with both resellers and end users.

The following pages give deeper insight into our capabilities and offerings. Do not be limited by the options presented here. We are a flexible and capable organization that will evaluate new challenges and meet the expectations we set. We look forward working with you to help solve your commercial and technical challenges.