CMI’s tradition of integrity and safe handling of precious metals extends from our chemical manufacturing into our refining services offered for both rhenium and ruthenium.

The longstanding PGM chemical competency at Colonial Metals enables you to close your production loop and achieve maximum value in all of your rhenium and ruthenium applications through economic and high yield recycling. Our corporate flexibility enables us to offer customized services, meet your specification, and undertake any refining stream.

Rhenium Refining

  • CMI has large-scale rhenium refining capacity, with a demonstrated ability to effectively recover rhenium from spent materials
  • Common recovery streams include
    • Rhenium scrap
    • Rhenium-based alloys
    • Nickel-based superalloys
    • Rhenium containing catalyst
  • CMI can return rhenium in the form of catalyst and metallurgical grade:
    • Ammonium Perrhenate
    • Perrhenic Acid
    • Rhenium Metal Powder
    • Any of CMI’s 15 rhenium chemical products

Ruthenium Refining

  • CMI operates the only on-site full-service Ruthenium refinery in the Americas.
  • Common recovery streams include:
    • Spent Catalyst
    • Catalyst Ash
    • Spent Targets (Ru and Ru alloy)
    • Target manufacturing and PVD shield scrap
    • Ru machining parts and turnings
    • Ru containing chemicals, solutions, and other chemical scrap
  • CMI offers Ruthenium returns in the form of:
    • Ruthenium (III) Chloride Solution
    • Ruthenium (III) Chloride Crystal
    • Metallurgical Grade Ruthenium Metal Powder
    • Any of CMI’s other 100+ Ruthenium chemical products